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Slow-baked in Norway since 1935Exceptional fiber
for an exceptional life

Up to 50% dietary fiber content per cracker

Pumpkin Seed Fiber Crispbread

Healthy eating starts with GG Fiber

From the slow-baking European ovens of Norway comes the highest bran content product available. Prepared from 85% unprocessed bran, pure Norwegian spring water is added, causing the bran fibers to swell and expand. The batter is then slowly baked at extremely low temperatures over a 12-hour period, which prevents the destruction of any of the vitamins and minerals found in the ingredients. Through the process the moisture is driven off, leaving behind a crisp, flavorful, and thick bread containing 85% bran, which is immediately able to absorb moisture and provide bulk as it passes through the digestive system, making the bran as effective as possible. The special baking method maximizes the surface area of the fiber in the bran. So when GG Fiber Crispbread is consumed, it quickly absorbs more moisture and satisfies your appetite more completely than any other bran product available.

Helps maintain digestive health

Lowers cholesterol levels

Helps control blood sugar levels

Aids in achieving healthy weight

gg fiber Crispbread Benefits

2g - 4g of Fiber

Per Serving

20 - 45 Calories

Per Serving

1g - 4g net Carbs

Per Serving


Norwegian Wheat

Simple Ingredients

High Fiber
Pile of Bran